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Welcome to Graith Care, where we believe in empowering patients and closing the gaps in healthcare. Our dedicated team of independent patient advocates are here to guide through the complexities of the healthcare system, providing personalized support and advocacy every step of the way. 

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Empowering Patients Through Advocacy

Graith Care Patient Advocates: Champions for Patients’ Rights and Quality Healthcare.

An independent patient advocate is a dedicated individual who champions for patients’ rights and wellbeing within the healthcare system. They provide support, information, and assistance to patients, empowering them to make informed decisions about their care. By acting as a liaison between patients and healthcare providers, patient advocates strive to ensure that patients receive the best possible care and have their concerns addressed.

Take control of your healthcare journey with Graith Care’s compassionate and knowledgeable patient advocates by your side.  Advocacy package starts from $140 per hour.

Independent Patient Advocate Services

Make HealthCARE Great Again!

Yes, there may be some nice things along the way (if you are lucky), but most people know that the healthcare system is one of the most complex systems to work with and sometimes just getting a call back is not an easy task!

So, maybe it is time hire your Independent Patient Advocate?


Our Mission

Graith Care, founded by Priscilla Romans. Our mission is to bring back control and transparency to the consumer in healthcare.

Graith Care breaks down barriers and offers a holistic view of the patient journey. By leveraging our extensive experience in hospital, outpatient, hospice, home care, and insurance industries, we serve as patient advocates for those in need.

Our care model is designed to improve outcomes, increase efficiency, and save time and money. It’s time to empower the healthcare consumer and give them back control.

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Independent Patient Advocate

Dr. Ardis and Dr. Henry Ealy.

Enhance Your Advocacy Experience with Expert Video Reviews with Dr. Ardis or Dr. Henry Ealy.

At Graith Care we understand the importance of comprehensive support in navigating the healthcare system. That’s why we offer an exclusive opportunity to add a video review from renowned experts, Dr. Ardis and Dr. Henry Ealy, to your advocacy package. These video reviews provide valuable recommendations, advice, and consultation to empower you in working with your medical provider.

With Dr. Ardis’s “Ardis Advocacy Advice” and Dr. Ealy’s “Ealy Energetic Education” options, priced at $165* plus a minimum of 90 minutes advocacy time, you can gain personalized insights and knowledge. Discuss this exciting opportunity with our consultant during your initial call and Enroll with us today!

*Pricing subject to change per business needs.


Hear from our clients how we’ve helped them save time, money and alot of frustration!

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Graithful Giving

Why did Priscilla Romans Create Graithful Giving?  

Priscilla firmly believes that everyone deserves an independent advocate, and she is committed to finding a way to support those facing financial hardship. That’s where the Gift of Advocacy comes in.

The Gift of Advocacy represents a powerful approach to caring for others. Our mission, vision, and purpose revolve around empowering individuals, and we need assistance to fulfil this journey of advocacy for those who require donated time to meet their needs.

There is a significant number of people who would greatly benefit from the Gift of Advocacy.  If you want to join the advocacy movement, make a donation now!

The individuals we have already helped by providing them with a dedicated advocate are the ones who truly matter. From struggling mothers who can barely afford rent to seniors on tight budgets and dedicated veterans who have served our country, we aim to make a difference in their lives.