Common Graith Care questions and answers

General Service Questions

Call 309-657-7314 for your initial Graith Care Tele-Health Visit

Yes, ask for the Continued Consultation Tele-Health Service!

Yes, for seniors. At selected senior facilities.

Graith Care uses a tele-health platform in order to help all those in need.

Service across all 50 states.

*This list below just provides a snapshot of some of the types of client needs Graith Care has been able to help. And, if it is NOT on the list that just means you need to give Graith Care a call to see if we can help you with your personalized need.

  • Proactive Care
  • Personal Advocate
  • Involve Family awareness in Senior’s care needs
  • Reduce avoidable emergency department visits
  • Avoid hospital visits
  • Minimize gaps in care
  • Reduce Risk of needing a change in residence to a higher level of care
  • Improve physician visits for optimal care needs
  • Provide Education for Senior health specific needs
  • Preventive Holistic Care
    Care Coordination

A patient advocate provides consultation, advice, and even puts together recommendations that you are not going to get on a google search or even get done at a 15-minute provider visit.

  • Pediatrics
  • Teenagers
  • Young Adults
  • Middle Aged Adults
  • Seniors 

*Yes, you got it! If someone needs a patient advocate let Graith Care provide Great care! 

A Professional Health Consultant can help you better understand your Medicare benefits so you can use it as designed for your needs. Medicare and all the different supplement plans can be very confusing so having an advocate you can get support from can help you or those you are caring for. Plus, those billing statement that come in the mail can be very helpful to understand as they come in.

Your Professional Health Consultant can help prepare for Medicare benefits as it is smart before you turn that golden age, but even if you are currently under a Medicare plan you may want to make sure before the next benefits renewal year comes around that you get renewed benefits that fit your needs.   

Yes, an advocate can help prepare a patient for a physician visit to get the most out of your time with the provider. 

  • Remember, most providers have a good 15 minutes of time with you so being prepared is key and having an advocate can help you make the visit more productive saving you time and potential future visit needs for the same issue. 
  • How many times have you gone to a provider visit and walked out of the visit without getting everything you wanted? 
  • Why is the provider not understanding what I need?
  • So, I just left my doctor’s office and I have no clue what to do next? 

Yes, call a Graith Care advocate as they will be able to help you break down barriers and get the information you have been waiting to hear on. 

Many patients make call after call and they get no call back and if they do happen to get a call back, they still do not get what they want done. Therefore, delay in the person’s healthcare continues. 

Yes, an Advocate can help you with this important need! 

Remember, many think this document is for seniors and well it is for everyone and this is a smart proactive measure to take for you! 

Who do you really want to speak for you when you no longer can speak for yourself?

This is perfect for an advocate to spend time mapping next step options out based on your needs. And, if you want, the advocate can be right there along the way supporting your needs. 

Fear of being sent to collections sure does not help so let us be proactive to prevent a collections nightmare. 

Why does my insurance provider not cover this and is there a better way?

Why am I getting denied from my insurance?  

Do I appeal this denial and how do I even start this process?

  •  Another provider consultation
  • Home health
  • Private duty
  • Retirement Village 
  • Assisted Living
  • Independent Living
  • Nursing Home
  • Adult Day Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Hospice

An advocate can help facilitate and support next steps. Each facility has their protocols but having an advocate can help bring an interdisciplinary team approach that includes the family and is in everyone’s best interest. The focus is the patient who is the reason for this care team and family approach.  

What are my options? When you have a professional health advocate step in and knows your situation you can get more specific results and get a plan that fits your needs. There are often many options out there and it is best to know them before you move forward. As we like to say being informed is a great first step in moving forward!

Business to Business Support

Graith Care, LLC does provide these services to business and/or groups that have a desire to provide the highest level of care to their staff and/or their clients they serve.

There are countless benefits to having an advocate provide Consultation, Advice as well as Recommendations to help the consumer move their healthcare needs forward.

If your business or group would like to learn more of how Graith Care LLC can provide services, please email [email protected] or click the “contact us”. We will reach out as soon as possible on how we can serve you!

Senior Service Questions

Call 309-657-7314 for your initial Graith Care Tele-Health Visit

Yes, ask for the Graith Care Bundle Plus program! This gives the senior access to their own personal health consultant with continued visits at your place of residence. 

It’s best for the Senior if we are there in person, however, we do have the option for tele-health.

Yes, we can service all ages with tele-health visits for their specific needs.

Graith Care comes to you and helps build a strong understanding of your health needs to advocate and advice on next steps!