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Dr. Henry Ealy – Energetic Health Institute (EHI)

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Protocol has a goal to inform people of the dangers of Remdesivir, hospital protocols, and the true intended purpose for their use. Arming you with knowledge gives you the power to keep yourself and your loved ones alive. 

Hospital Bill Eraser Option – Are you tired of surprise medical bills and hospital harassment? Let us take on the hospital for you. Under the Affordable Care Act/IRS Section 501(r), you may be eligible to receive free or deeply discounted care at a nearby non-profit hospital.

Call Your HBE Advocate at 888-513-7273 and let them know Graith Care sent you!

Wednesday Night Support Group


If you if want to be on a Preferred Option List for Resources and Options

Graith Care team of advocates and amazing partners we can collaborate together for the benefit of the person(s) and family in need! 

Send Resources and Options that will bring value to those in need!

Please send an email to [email protected].

Please email the following information: provide a website, best contact with email and number, and what strengths this resources or option offers. For Example: This can be MDs (ADULT AND PEDIATRIC), Pharmacies, Chiropractors, Naturopathic, Holistic, Counseling Support, Support Groups, Private Duty, Home Care, DME, etc. Yes anywhere US and Internationally based!!

Our team of advocates already use and collaborate with some of the VERY BEST options, but we know there are more great options!!

We believe we cannot do this alone and the big corporate healthcare machine is controlled by big pharma and big insurance companies is on life support!