Patient Advocate Services - Pricing

We specialize in independent patient advocate services to fulfill a wide variety of health care needs to all ages!

Advocacy Options Made Easy

Enroll now and take control of your healthcare journey with Graith Care! We offer a flexible approach to independent patient advocacy, allowing you to purchase advocacy time based on your specific needs. Explore our pricing options:

  • 1 Hour: $140
  • 2-Hour Bundle: $280 (equivalent to $140 per hour)
  • 4-Hour Bundle: $520 (equivalent to $130 per hour, saving you $40)
  • 8-Hour Bundle: $960 (equivalent to $120 per hour, saving you $160)

Our dedicated intake team is ready to assist you in understanding your requirements and determining the appropriate amount of advocacy time needed.

We also offer after-hours, holiday, and weekend options for advocacy services, accommodating your busy schedule. Experience the highest quality advocacy services tailored to your individual circumstances with Graith Care.

Enroll now and let us empower you on your healthcare journey!

independent patient advocate services

What happens after Enrolling?

Once enrolled, you’ll receive a Welcome Email explaining the next steps and a member of the Intake team will contact you to discuss your requirements. After the call and if we can meet your needs, you will receive a Service Agreement to complete and sign.  After matching you with a personal advocate, the advocate will contact you to discuss your advocacy needs. For further assistance, email [email protected]

Payment options.

These are the current payment methods we accept currently.

Credit/Debit Card transaction have an added 3% processing fee.
Ask our intake team about options to avoid the 3% processing fee.

*All terms, conditions, scope of services will be on the service agreement that has to be signed to get started.

*Why do we charge for this advocacy service?

We are not only providing a great service that is badly needed today, but the cost of operating a service is expensive and most important we want to take care of our team of advocates who are doing a great job! In many cases people hire a Graith Care Advocate because the healthcare system has not taken care great of them.

Ask about our Company Group Memberships - Also Available!

Companies are enrolling with Graith Care to provide their employees with the exceptional benefit of advocacy time! The Gift of Advocacy offers each staff member and their family the peace of mind of having a dedicated advocate for their health and wellness needs. We offer customizable plans tailored to your group’s requirements.

For any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or call 469-864-7149

Add to your advocacy time selected a review from Dr. Ardis and/or Dr. Ealy!

(minimum advocacy time needed is 90 minutes)

**pricing subject to change per business needs**

Dr. Ardis and Dr. Ealy can provide our Graith Care Members with a review that provides recommendations, advice, and consultation so you can work with your Medical Provider.

Dr. Ardis provides the Triple A Option “Ardis Advocacy Advice”

Dr. Henry Ealy provides the Triple E Option “Ealy Energetic Education”

*Watch and Subscribe to the Graith Care rumble Channel to learn more below:

**This does not replace the advice of your medical provider. We encourage you to talk to a trusted medical provider that is willing to talk about all your concerns so you can make a fully informed decision about your healthcare next steps.

 **All of these are options for you to be aware of so you can advocate for your own healthcare needs, do your own research, and weigh risk and benefits. 

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”