We specialize in independent patient advocate services to fulfill a wide variety of health care needs to all ages!

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independent patient advocate services


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Complete the Service Agreement that will be sent to your email after you speak to the intake team and then payment will be collected once Service Agreement is completed.

Payment Options

These are the current payment methods we accept currently.


The intake team will match you with your personal advocate and the advocate will contact you to set up time to review your advocacy needs.

*All terms, conditions, scope of services will be on the service agreement that has to be signed to get started.

*Why do we charge for this advocacy service?

We are not only providing a great service that is badly needed today, but the cost of operating a service is expensive and most important we want to take care of our team of advocates who are doing a great job! In many cases people hire a Graith Care Advocate because the healthcare system has not taken care great of them.

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”