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Priscilla Romans

Why Priscilla wanted to create Graith Care?

Since I started my career in 2004, as a registered nurse, I have seen many patients struggle in their healthcare journey. So, I made the decision to provide something beyond what the regular healthcare system does today. Today’s healthcare is often very reactive and focused on disease management and leaves the patient far from knowing what is really happening.  I bring my experiences of working in the hospital, outpatient, hospice, home care, and insurance industries to help advocate for those in need. It is time to give control back to the healthcare consumer! 

Graith’s Care name came together by bringing my two daughters names of Grace and Faith in one, the word Graith means “to make ready and prepare”.  Graith Care wants to close the gaps in healthcare for the patient’s benefit, bringing all the pieces of the healthcare puzzle together for the best satisfaction in care delivery.

This is a family business as the 4 kids, Oliver our family dog, and my husband Josh have all been apart of this amazing journey to stand in the gap for those that need advocacy! Priscilla’s husband helps with the newsletter “GRAITHFUL TIMES” editions and many more things!

Enjoying family time and building memories with Gabe, Grace, Elijah, and Faith are so important to us as we know life can be all too short. We pray daily and have a strong faith and belief that God will continue to provide and protect. Thank you for supporting Graith Care!

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Graithful Giving

Why did Priscilla Create Graithful Giving?  

Priscilla firmly believes that everyone deserves an independent advocate, and she is committed to finding a way to support those facing financial hardship. That’s where the Gift of Advocacy comes in.

The Gift of Advocacy represents a powerful approach to caring for others. Our mission, vision, and purpose revolve around empowering individuals, and we need assistance to fulfil this journey of advocacy for those who require donated time to meet their needs.

There is a significant number of people who would greatly benefit from the Gift of Advocacy. If you want to join the advocacy movement, consider making a donation now!

The individuals we have already helped by providing them with a dedicated advocate are the ones who truly matter. From struggling mothers who can barely afford rent to seniors on tight budgets and dedicated veterans who have served our country, we aim to make a difference in their lives.