Your Independent Patient Advocate

Graith Care breaks down healthcare barriers to save time and money while bringing back control and transparency to you as the consumer. As your Independent Patient Advocate, we provide medical advocacy, consultation, advice and recommendations in US and Internationally.

Our Mission

Graith Care’s mission is to bring back control and transparency to the consumer.

Graith Care breaks down healthcare barriers and provides a holistic view of the patient journey. This care model ultimately improves outcomes and efficiency along with saving time and money.

We bring our experiences of working in the hospital, outpatient, hospice, home care, and insurance industries to help as a patient advocate for those in need.

It is time to give control back to the healthcare consumer! 

Independent Patient Advocate

Independent Patient Advocate Services

Healthcare Sucks, Get an Advocate

Yes, there may be some nice things along the way (if you are lucky), but most people know that the healthcare system is one of the most complex systems to work with and sometimes just getting a call back is not an easy task!

So, maybe it is time hire your Independent Patient Advocate?



Hear from our clients how we’ve helped them save time, money and alot of frustration!